Parliament passes 2023 budget bill

Poland's Sejm, the lower house of parliament, has approved the budget bill for next year.

The bill went through in a 232-to-219 vote.

According to the legislation, Poland's budget spending will reach PLN 672.7 billion (EUR 143.6 billion) and revenues will amount to PLN 604.7 billion (EUR 129.1 billion), producing a deficit of PLN 68 billion (EUR 14.5 billion).

The general government deficit, calculated according to EU methodology, will reach 4.5 percent of GDP and general government debt will amount to 53.3 percent of GDP.

Poland's GDP growth will slow down to 1.7 percent and inflation will remain elevated, at 9.8 percent on average in 2023.

Now the bill will go to the Senate. The parliament has until January 30 to deliver the budget bill to the president for signature.

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