Parliament email accounts also hacked in recent cyber attack

Poland’s Internal Security Agency has determined that the hacker campaign dubbed “Ghostwriter” had also penetrated the email accounts of MPs, a spokesman for the Polish security services chief said on Friday.

According to Stanisław Żaryn, a detailed analysis carried out by the Internal Security Agency (ABW) had discovered unauthorized logins to the official email accounts of some members of the Polish Sejm, the lower house of parliament.

The spokesman said that the ABW had "immediately submitted appropriate recommendations to the Chancellery of the Sejm."

"Members whose mailboxes were attacked were informed about the threats and recommendations were made to minimize the effects of the attack. They were also given cyber-security training," he added.

Żaryn went on to say that the hacking of MPs email accounts was "part of a disinformation campaign carried out against Poland."

Earlier this month, Polish media reported that emails sent by some government officials from their private email accounts, including those of the prime minister's top aide, were hacked and made available on the Telegram social media platform.