Paramedics hold protests across Poland

Mateusz Marek/PAP

The Polish National Union of the State Medical Rescue Service organised demonstrations in several cities for June 30, among others in Warsaw, Katowice, Krakow, Wroclaw and Olsztyn.

Paramedics are demanding an amendment to the Act on the State Medical Rescue Service and an increase of salaries.

The protests relate to the so-called the labour factor at which the minimum wage is to be determined. Rescuers fear a drop in wages after the loss of the "rescue" allowance, which currently is to be paid by the end of June.

Following the protest a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Health is planned. If the talks do not bring the expected results, the paramedics will prepare a nationwide protest, whereby employees will not attend their places of work.

On Monday, the Health Minister, Adam Niedzielski, said that there is an ongoing dialogue with various representatives of medical groups. He reminded that the minimum wage increase has been moved forward by half a year.

"We estimate that this six-month cost is close to (PLN) 4 billion (EUR 885 million), and… these talks shall continue," said the minister.

On June 17, President Andrzej Duda signed the amendment to the act on the method of determining the lowest basic salary of certain employees of healthcare entities.