PAP signs up to anti-disinformation good practices code

The Polish Press Agency (PAP) has joined 10 other organisations and institutions in signing a Good Practices Code for combatting disinformation.

The code, compiled by experts from several disinformation-fighting organisations, including the NASK academic online network and the PAP-initiated FakeHunter project, lays down the basic rules of conduct for combatting fake news.

The code's authors said it contains guidelines for disinformation hunters, especially regarding fact-checking, and describes the processes by which fake news is spread.

They also warn that disinformation today is widespread and difficult to verify, which raises the need for effective fact-checking techniques.

NASK head Wojciech Pawlak said disinformation could not be ignored as it exerts a strong influence on public opinion.

"This is why it's so important to cooperate in monitoring and removing such information, and to educate web users in this respect," Pawlak said.