Pandemic situation better than expected, president says after meeting

Andrzej Lange/PAP

The Polish president and government members took part in a Cabinet Council meeting to discuss the Covid-19 related situation.

The Cabinet Council is a Polish constitutional body convened by the President of Poland to discuss matters of particular importance to the state.

"First of all I want to inform the public, all my compatriots, that both the prime minister and the minister of health informed me that the situation is better than they had expected," President Andrzej Duda said coming out of the meeting.

Duda went on to say that they told him that "in fact, looking week to week, period to period, the number of infections is rather decreasing and that they were afraid that the situation after Easter could have been worse than it is now and that in their opinion this situation is not bad."

The president also strongly emphasized that "both in terms of the number of hospital beds and the number of ventilators, Polish society can feel safe" and added that by the end of June, 20 million Poles should be vaccinated against Covid-19.