Pandemic not over yet, minister warns as some restrictions scrapped

Paweł Supernak/PAP

The Polish health minister has appealed to Poles to act responsibly despite the lifting of some pandemic restrictions.

As of March 28, there is no obligation to wear face masks in public places except in medical facilities and pharmacies. Self-isolation and quarantine requirements have also been abolished.

"The lifting of the restrictions does not mean that the epidemic is over and that Covid-19 has disappeared," Adam Niedzielski told PAP on Monday.

"Let's be responsible, let's wear masks when there are a lot of people, and let's stay at home if we don't feel well," he said.

Niedzielski explained that the decision to ease Covid-related restrictions was taken when a clear fall in daily infections became apparent.

"This, coupled with the high, over 90-percent level of immunization in our country, allowed us to decide with a high security guarantee to depart from the restrictions," he said.

The obligatory use of face masks in public was first introduced in Poland on April 16, 2020.