Oxford becomes partner city of Wrocław

Cooperation including in the fields of education, sport, culture and protection of historical sites is foreseen in a partnership agreement signed by Oxford and Wrocław (southwestern Poland).

With about 160,000 residents, England's Oxford is one of the most important educational centres in the world. The city is a leader in the fields of education, research and science. Oxford University and Oxford Brookes University educate around 33,500 students. Oxford colleges conduct research in the fields of biotechnology, data processing, quantum technology and robotics.

"During meetings with the mayor of Oxford, we discovered our cities' similarities," Dutkiewicz commented during the signing ceremony. "Both cities consider their academic sides the most important."

The mayor of Oxford, Sajjad Malik, also drew attention to the two cities' similarities. Wrocław counts about 650,000 residents, of which more than 130,000 are students, he noted. Oxford has around 160,000 residents of which more than 30,000 are students. Similarly to Wrocław, it is also an international city, he observed.

The mayor of Oxford added that he counts on cooperation in many fields, most importantly between the universities but also in sport, art and culture, as well as in the protection of monuments and historical sites. By forging the new partnership, Oxford is also reacting to Brexit, Malik observed, saying he would not let politics divide the two cities.

The head of Wrocław city council, Jacek Ossowski, asserted that partnership with Oxford was of great prestige. Until now Oxford has concluded partnership agreements with only five cities: Bonn, Leiden, Grenoble, Perm and Leon. He pointed out that the initiative behind the move came from Oxford. On September 13, Wrocław council voted unanimously to accept.