Over forty countries support Polish-British e-mobility initiative

More than 40 countries support the Polish-British initiative to promote electromobility, the Ministry of Environment announced on Wednesday. The declaration was made at the COP24 UN climate summit in Katowice (southern Poland), last Tuesday.

The declaration is called the 'Driving Change Together - Katowice Partnership for Electromobility'. It involves the creation of a network of partnerships between municipal, regional and national authorities as well as NGOs with the aim of exchanging experience on the subject of electromobility and the promotion of that type of transport.

According to the ministry, the declaration was acceded by over 40 countries from five continents, 1,500 cities and regions and by 1,200 companies from the entire world. Also, the global institutions such as the International Energy Agency and the World Bank joined the project.

The ministry noted that among the countries endorsing the project were China, Egypt, Indonesia, as well as those better-developed such as Germany, Great Britain, France, Japan and Canada. Moreover, thanks to the partnership of India, the initaitive brings together almost half of the world's population.

The environment ministry emphasised that the main reason for the establishment of the partnership is to join states, cities, institutions and non-governmental organisations in the promotion of electromobility.

Poland and the World Bank have set up a Mobility Trust Fund dedicated to electromobility which will finance the implementation of partnerships at the local level between cities and regions.

By 2050, the British government will spend GBP 1.5 mln to develop zero-emission technologies in transport.