Over 770,000 Poles apply for permanent residency in UK

More than 773,000 Poles had applied for permanent residency in the United Kingdom by September 30, according to information from the UK’s Home Office.

Published by the newspaper Rzeczpospolita the information shows that "since spring, the number of (Poles) who want to regulate their status, due to Brexit, rapidly decreased". That demonstrates, the paper said, that the overwhelming majority of Poles planning to remain in the United Kingdom have already legalised their stay.

The newspaper reported that as many as 80 percent of the Poles who applied were granted permission for permanent residency, and 18 percent received temporary residence permits. Two percent of applications were rejected.

The daily wrote that those who plan to apply for a permanent residency card may do so until June 30, if they enter the UK by December 31.

The new figures, contained in a quarterly report by the Home Office, also presents a complete picture of the scale of Polish emigration to Great Britain since 2004, added the newspaper.