Over 55,000 Poles return to Poland during Flight Home campaign - ministry

Piotr Nowak/PAP

More than 55,000 Poles returned to the country thanks to the Flight Home operation aimed at repatriating Poles from around the world, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Sunday.

The campaign, which began on March 15 with special charter flights being organised to bring back to Poland its stranded citizens and foreigners entitled to assistance, was due to end on Sunday with the last seven flights to Warsaw from, among other cities, Bergen, Dublin and London.

The ministry summarised the entire campaign in a short video posted on Twitter.

It reported that 388 flights from 71 airports around the globe took place during the 22 days of the campaign. Over 55,000 Poles took advantage of the initiative, as did more than 2,000 citizens of other countries who were eligible to take part in it under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.