Over 50 percent of Poles satisfied with 2020 - poll

More than half the people surveyed in an opinion poll believe that 2020 was a good year.

However, CBOS, which conducted the survey, wrote on Tuesday that the number of Poles satisfied with the passing year is lower than it was in 2019.

According to data released by CBOS on Tuesday, the number of people who consider the passing year good fell from 43.8 percent in 2019 to 29.4 percent. The number of those who felt 2020 was very good dropped from 11.6 percent to just 3.8 percent. The percentage of “quite good” ratings remained at 17.1 percent.

The poll showed that 27.7 percent of respondents considered 2020 as "neither good nor bad" for them.

The number who thought this year was bad came to 21.4 percent, up from 9.9 percent a year ago.

The poll was carried out from November 30 to December 10, 2020, on 1,010 people using mixed methodologies.