Over 50 pct of Poles pessimistic about situation in country - survey

The majority of Poles are unhappy with the situation in Poland, the results of a new survey have shown.

According to the CBOS poll, 54 percent were pessimistic, a figure unchanged from January, while 32 percent of those polled had an optimistic view, 3 percentage points more than in the previous poll.

The survey also found that 21 percent of the respondents expected Poland's situation to improve over the coming year, 39 percent expected it to worsen and 30 percent said it would remain unchanged (up 2 pps).

When it came to the economic situation, 41 percent expressed pessimism (up 1 pp), 26 percent optimism (up 2 pps) and 27 percent said it was neither good nor bad (down 5 pps).

Twenty two percent believed the economic situation would improve over the coming year (up 1 pp), 37 percent expected it to worsen (down 4 pps) and 30 percent said it would remain unchanged (up 2 pps).

CBOS ran the mixed-mode survey on a random sample of 1,179 Poles on February 1-11.

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