Over 50 pct of Poles fear country is on wrong path

A majority of Poles believe the country is heading in the wrong direction, according to the results of a new poll published on Monday.

The CBOS poll indicated that in August, 54 percent of respondents were unhappy with the direction the country was heading, while 31 percent were satisfied.

At the same time, the percentage of Poles fearing their country was going in the wrong direction rose by 8 percentage points from July, while the proportion of those polled who believed the situation was developing well, fell by 2 percentage points month on month.

In the opinion of 17 percent of those surveyed, the general situation in Poland will improve within a year, down from 21 percent in July, while 37 percent fear that it will deteriorate, up from 31 percent in the previous month.

CBOS ran the survey on August 16-26 on a random sample of 1,167 adult Poles.