Over 47,000 Poles repatriated through 'Flight Back Home' initiative

Jakub Kaczmarczyk/PAP

Around 47,500 Poles and over 800 foreigners entitled to assistance have returned to Poland via 320 special charter flights since March 15 organised jointly by the Polish government and the state flag carrier LOT, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

The operation to bring back Polish citizens from various regions of the world under the banner Flight Back Home (#LotDoDomu) was organised in wake of the suspended air connections to and from abroad.

On Thursday, LOT will bring back Poles from London and Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Dublin (Ireland), Reykjavik (Iceland), Seoul (South Korea), Singapore, Bangkok (Thailand) and Chicago (USA), the ministry said.

An up-to-date list of connections on which it is possible to return to Poland is available at the web address: https://www.lot.com/pl/pl/lot-do-domu.

Travelers returning to Poland pay for the flight a flat rate between PLN 400 and PLN 800 (EUR 87-174) within Europe and PLN 1,600 PLN 2,400 (EUR 349-524) for long-haul flights. The remaining amount is paid by LOT and the Polish government.

The Flight Back Home action is to last until April 5.