Over 400,000 registered Ukrainian refugees now working legally in Poland

Marcin Obara/PAP

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration, Pawel Szefernaker, said on Wednesday that of the 600,000 Ukrainians who are now in the PESEL (personal ID number) database, 400,000 are now working legally in Poland.

Szefernaker, who is also the government plenipotentiary for refugees from Ukraine, was asked on Polish Radio Koszalin about the number of war refugees now residing in Poland.

"Today we have about 1.3 million war refugees from Ukraine who are living in Poland. Recently, according to statistics, more people are going back to Ukraine, leaving Poland. But we also observe that more people are migrating within Poland," Szefernaker said.

He also pointed out that out of the 600,000 Ukrainian refugees of working age enrolled in the Polish PESEL database, over 400,000 have found employment in Poland legally. He emphasised that these are people who "pay taxes, pay contributions, work for the strength of the Polish economy, for the success of the Polish economy".

Szefernaker also spoke about the amendment to the act on war refugees from Ukraine planned for September.

"We are planning to digitise certain activities in order to shorten queues in many places where (official - PAP) matters are handled for those fleeing the war," Szefernaker said.

The act, which has already been amended several times, regulates the situation of war refugees in Poland, including the legality of their stay, the right to study and work, and access to health care. It entered into force on March 12 with effect from February 24, the day of Russia's attack on Ukraine.

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