Over 40 pct of Poles in favour of referendum on Poland's presence in EU

A new SW Research survey revealed that 42.6 percent of Poles back a referendum on their country’s presence in the European Union.

The study, commissioned by the rp.pl web portal also showed that 36.9 percent of the respondents were against such a vote, while 20.5 percent were undecided.

The participants of the poll were asked whether in their opinion - due to the conflict between the Polish government and the European Commission - another referendum should be held on Poland's membership in the EU as well as how they would vote in such a referendum.

According to the study, 64.4 percent of the pollees who said they would take part in such a referendum would vote in favour of Poland staying in the EU, 14.8 percent would vote against, while 14.1 percent said they were undecided how they would vote.

Another 6.7 percent of those surveyed said they would not take part in such a referendum.

The study was conducted by the SW Research agency on a group of 800 Internet users over 18 years of age on October 12-13, 2021.