Over 340,000 aid applications under coronavirus shield - minister

Over 340,000 applications for aid under the government's coronavirus shield have come in so far, Family, Labour and Social Policy Minister Marlena Malag informed on Tuesday.

Malag told a press conference that about 250,000 applicants asked for the suspension of social insurance dues, about 56,000 for financial aid, and about 31,000 for microloans.

According to Malag the application figures showed that the PLN 212 billion (EUR 46.8 billion) shield for the Polish economy and enterprise was functioning well.

She also informed that employers have to date filed nearly 3,000 applications to the Guaranteed Employee Benefit Fund for aid in protecting jobs and employee wages.

Asked if the government was planning to suspend the 2016-introduced 500 Plus monthly child benefit owing to the epidemic, Malag said there were no such plans. She added that families with children have to date received over PLN 100 billion (EUR 22.1 billion) under the 500 Plus scheme, which aids 6.5 million children.