Orlen will start building hydrogen filling stations by 2021

Tytus Żmijewski/PAP

Poland's leading fuel company PKN Orlen will start constructing its first hydrogen filling stations by 2021, company board member Jozef Wegrecki told PAP on Friday.

Wegrecki said the company had to start the construction by that time as it had obligations towards south Poland's Gornoslasko-Zaglebiowska metropolitan area, which wants to run hydrogen-powered buses from 2022.

In October, PKN Orlen and the metropolitan area signed a letter of intent on the development of zero-emission public transport based on hydrogen.

At the moment, PKN Orlen sells hydrogen at its two filling stations in Germany, Wegrecki also said.

"Czech motorists will soon also be able to fill their tanks with hydrogen, as Unipetrol from the Orlen Group will start the construction of three hydrogen stations there next year," he told PAP.

Unlike fossil fuels, hydrogen leaves water instead of greenhouse gases after burning, and is a climate-friendly alternative for powering vehicles.