Orlen opens its first gas field for business

Marcin Bednarski/PAP

Poland's leading petroleum company PKN Orlen has officially opened its first own natural gas field in Bystrowice, southeastern Poland, the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

"In the 'Orlen 2030' strategy, we took into account the consistent development of our own gas fields, which in the perspective of a decade will meet 20 percent of our demand,” Daniel Obajtek, PKN Orlen’s CEO, said in a statement. “The start of the Bystrowice gas field is an important step towards this goal."

Around 2 million cubic metres of gas have already been extracted from the field since December but Orlen decided to delay the official "launch" of the field until January so it could get a better picture of just how much gas will flow from the field.

The Bystrowice natural gas deposit was discovered in October 2018 thanks to seismic imaging and the use of the latest techniques for interpreting geophysical and geological data, the company said.

"Until now, we have been extracting gas in Poland together with our partners, today we have experience and competences that allow us to independently search for and exploit deposits," Obajtek was quoted.

He added that "zero-emission energy, supported by stabilising gas assets, will be the foundation for the long-term transformation of the Orlen Group."

In 2021, another borehole is planned to be drilled within the discovered reservoir.

The Orlen Upstream Group, a PKN Orlen entity that concentrates on the exploration and extraction of hydrocarbon deposits, operates in Poland and Canada. Its average daily production in the first three quarters 2020 amounted to over 18,800 boe [barrel of oil equivalent], and its reserves at the end of 2019 were estimated at 197.3 million boe.