Opposition wants to destroy Poland says Kaczyński

Piotr Polak/PAP

Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of the ruling Law and Justice party, has accused the country’s opposition of wanting to destroy Poland in the name of foreign interests.

In an interview for PAP, Kaczyński, who is also a deputy prime minister, also warned that anybody wanting to break up the ruling right wing was acting against Poland.

"The taking of power by the present opposition would be a misfortune for Poland," said Kaczyński.

“They [the opposition] propose a complete demolition of Poland in the name of their interests and (...) in the name of external interests,” he added. “These interests also mean imposing a moral revolution on Poland that would destroy the family, national tradition, everything that determines our identity."

The PiS leader also said that the opposition "has no agenda other than to hate PiS, other than a sort of civil war which they are actually envisaging and in fact already conducting, and to abolish all laws."

However, Kaczyński added that such a situation is "certainly avoidable" if the United Right, Poland’s governing coalition, remains in power for a longer time.

The coalition has come under pressure in recent months owing to disagreements between Law and Justice and its junior allies.

"Those who, I repeat, not for the sake of any values, because these are fairy tales, but only for the sake of very particular and often even personal interests, want to destroy this, give themselves the worst possible testimony," he said.

Commenting on differences within the ruling camp, Kaczyński said they reflect "efforts to gain one's own or narrow, particular interests," not efforts to defend values.

He added that those who are currently involved in various games "are pushing us towards a misfortune."

Kaczyński declared that "anyone who today is attempting to break up the right wing, and this includes the refusal to vote, as we have agreed to vote together, is acting against Poland, against the Polish family and against Polish values. We have to unite."