Opposition slams government coronavirus response

Poland's main opposition party, the Civic Platform, has called the government’s response to the coronavirus crisis "totally chaotic and lacking strategy."

"It's strange, because experts have been warning for a long time that we're facing yet another wave," Civic Platform spokesman Jan Grabiec told PAP. "We're in a situation where neither the healthcare service nor society are prepared to face the third wave."

On Wednesday, the government rolled out tough nationwide restrictions to stem the spread of the pandemic as daily infections got close to last autumn's records of some 27,000 daily cases.

Grabiec's criticism was echoed by his colleagues from other opposition parties, including the pro-agrarian Polish People's Party and the far-right Confederation. The Left have suggested the government should be thinking of shutting down churches.

However, Boleslaw Piecha of the ruling Law and Justice party said that the extension of coronavirus restrictions is an appropriate measure "for now." He also said the government was "not bad" at handling the pandemic and admitted that the third wave of the pandemic "goes beyond our imagination."