Opposition seeks invalidation of presidential election

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

Poland's main opposition party, the Civic Platform (PO), whose candidate Rafal Trzaskowski lost to incumbent President Andrzej Duda by two percentage points in Sunday's presidential election, has filed for invalidation of the vote with the Supreme Court.

PO leader Borys Budka told private broadcaster TVN24 that the complaint included a number of factors due to which the election can be regarded as unfair.

"The very act of voting could have been run well, but the whole surroundings, the involvement of public finances, the involvement of the so-called public media make the situation uneven," Budka said.

According to Budka, the election was not equal, fair or democratic. "We seek the election to be declared invalid," he said.

According to Budka, the entire government was involved in promoting Duda.

Earlier, Trzaskowski's campaign staff said it would file election protests but admitted they did not count on a reversal of the result. "Over half a million votes can't be made up for," Trzaskowski's aide said.

Duda won 51.03 percent of votes in Sunday's election, while Trzaskowski received 48.97 percent.