Opposition party plans sharply criticised by other politicians

The plan of Poland's main opposition party to establish a 'Coalition 276' in order to win power in Poland have been sharply criticised by both ruling party politicians and representatives of other opposition groupings.

Borys Budka, the Civic Platform's leader, on Saturday invited the opposition to take part in a debate about Poland's future, and declared that PO wanted to establish a "Coalition 276." He explained that 276 was the number necessary to overthrow the presidential veto "in order to be able to implement changes in Poland."

According to Budka, 'Coalition 276' could be joined by the Civic Coalition, Symon Holownia's Polska 2050, The Left and the Polish People's Party (PSL).

The deputy spokesman of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party said that PO "once again showed that it was detached from reality."

Referring to a programme conference held by PO, Radoslaw Fogiel said that "no subjects that are important for Poles have been discussed."

"There was neither a debate about vaccinations nor about the economic challenges and aid for entrepreneurs," he said.

Szymon Holownia, the leader of the Polska 2050 Movement, said he had been concerned about the PO's marriage proposal without asking for consent from "the loved one."

"It is difficult to speak about a serious relationship when you are being informed about it on YouTube," he said.

Maciej Konieczny of The Left said that PO no longer had a programme, and that its slogans regarding the unification of the opposition lacked concrete proposals.

Konieczny also criticised a joint opposition list for parliamentary elections, and said that The Left had its programme, which differed from the one of a liberal party.

A PSL MP said that instead of trying to subordinate other parties to PO, Budka should start taking care of his own grouping. Marek Sawicki added that Budka should also start thinking about building his own position on the political scene and not seeking the support of others.