Opposition parties announce name of new coalition

Tomasz Gzell/PAP

Poland 2050 and the Polish People’s Party (PSL), two of the country’s opposition parties, will fight this autumn’s general election as a coalition called the Third Way, the parties’ leaders have said.

The two parties had announced the establishment of a coalition in April but its name remained under wraps.

"We are going to the elections together as the Third Way - Poland 2050 and the Polish People's Party - this is the name of our parties coalition election committee," Szymon Holownia, the leader of Poland 2050 said on Monday.

Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz, the PSL leader, said: "In our opinion, the Third Way reflects more than just the name of a group. The Third Way is a philosophy."

Poland 2050 was created after Holownia came third in the 2020 presidential election with 13.87 percent of the vote, and it is the youngest party in Polish politics.

In contrast the PSL is considered to be the oldest Polish party.

In the current lower house (Sejm), the PSL operates as part of the Coalition of Poland parliamentary club, which includes the Union of European Democrats and several conservative politicians who left Civic Platform, the biggest opposition party.