Opposition MP detained over corruption allegations

Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA) agents officially detained opposition party Civic Platform (PO) secretary general and MP, Stanislaw Gawlowski, his attorney Roman Giertych wrote on Twitter on Friday.

Gawlowski appeared on Friday with his attorney in the National Prosecutor's Office in Szczecin, northwestern Poland.

On Thursday, Poland's Sejm (lower house) agreed to the detention and temporary arrest of Gawlowski. A national prosecution motion was approved in a 261-to-171 vote with one abstention.

Earlier on Friday, at a briefing held in front of the prosecutor's Szczecin office, Giertych said that "if in fact Gawlowski is detained today, then we will be dealing with the first political prisoner of Jaroslaw Kaczynski (leader of PiS ruling party - PAP)." According to Gawlowski's attorney there are no grounds for detention or arrest.

The Zachodniopomorskie (northwestern Poland) branch of the National Prosecutor's Department of Organised Crime and Corruption intends to present the MP with five charges, including three counts of corruption.

Gawlowski denied the charges and gave his assurance that in his public life he had always "been guided by the interests of the state, (and) strictly observed constitutional rules and legislative obligations."

In January, Gawlowski waived his immunity, claiming that the allegations made by the prosecutor's office against him were "completely unfounded."