Opposition likely to win elections if united indicate polls

Polish opposition parties have a good chance of winning the 2023 parliamentary election if they unite against the ruling United Right coalition, two recent polls have shown.

The first poll for the Super Express newspaper, published on Thursday, showed that if the entire opposition of five democratic parties ran on a single election ticket, they could receive 49.79 percent of the vote, while the United Right would only get 36.53 percent.

The five opposition parties in question include the Civic Coalition (KO), the Left, the Polish People's Party (PSL), the Agreement and Poland 2050.

But the situation looked different if the opposition did not run on a single election ticket.

The second survey, also commissioned by Super Express, showed that the United Right was likely to win the election, if the Civic Coalition, Poland 2050 and the Left ran separately.

The United Right could count on 35.28 percent of the vote and the KO on 25.09 percent. Poland 2050 was supported by 12.35 percent of the respondents, the Left by 10.91 percent, and the Confederation by 6.30 percent.

The PSL and Kukiz'15 would fail to win parliamentary seats as both parties would not cross the required threshold of 5 percent.

The polls were carried out on a sample of 1,062 adult Poles on May 24-25.

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