Opposition leader gets state security protection

Tusk, one of Poland's most well known politicians, also served as prime minister from 2007-2014. Rafał Guz/PAP

Donald Tusk, leader of Poland's main opposition party, the centrist Civic Platform (PO), is under the protection of the State Security Service after police reported a possible threat.

Tusk, one of Poland's most well-known politicians, served as prime minister from 2007-2014.

On Wednesday evening, he wrote on Twitter: "Every week I find threats and threats of an assassination attempt against me in letters and on social media. In December, the police informed me that the threat of an attack was real and concrete as never before. Hence, the request for protection."

Earlier on Wednesday, PO spokesman, Jan Grabiec, confirmed in an interview with PAP that Tusk received the protection of the State Protection Service.

Security service officers were assigned to Tusk before Christmas, Grabiec said, adding that his party had earlier informed law enforcement agencies about threats made against Tusk.

Grabiec also said that he believes the Polish security services have become extra vigilant after the mayor of Gdańsk was stabbed to death on stage at a charity event in January 2019.

According to unofficial information provided by the Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper, the decision to grant government protection to Tusk, who is not included in the act on state protectees, was issued by Mariusz Kamiński, the interior minister.