Opposition caucus head says gov't has no Covid strategy

Zbigniew Meissner/PAP

The head of the Civic Coalition (KO) caucus, the biggest opposition grouping in parliament, has accused the government of a lack of strategy in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

"This lack of strategy is a continuous thing and it seems that we will be soon experiencing its costs," Borys Budka said in Jaworzno, southern Poland, on Saturday.

On Friday, 13 out of the 17 members of the Medical Council, the body which advises the government on the pandemic, resigned owing to the "lack of impact of their recommendations on real actions."

"If outstanding experts are not being heard, if the government is taking decisions regarding the coronavirus pandemic based on recommendations by PR specialists, it is not surprising that these experts no longer want no endorse them," he said.

Stepping down from their posts, the 13 said that their decision was also based on the "exhaustion of the existing cooperation."

Meanwhile, Michał Dworczyk, the head of the PM's Office, said that cooperation with the Medical Council had been very "intensive," and that 80 percent of its recommendations had been taken effect.