Opinions split on Poland's foreign policy

Respondents are almost split in half in their opinions on Polish foreign policy since the governing party Law and Justice (PiS) took over power in 2015, with 40 percent voicing positive opinions and 41 percent saying the opposite, a poll has shown.

The CBOS opinion-polling institute said that the results of April's survey depended mainly on the respondents' political and social views.   

Nearly three quarters (72 pct) of right-leaning Poles are satisfied with Poland's foreign policy after the conservative PiS party took power. People whose views are more left-wing were much more critical (74 pct) of the country's foreign policy.

Respondents with centrist views are more often critical (54 pct) than supportive (28 percent) of the current officials' performance in the international arena.

Big-city dwellers are more critical about the current foreign policy (70 pct), while village inhabitants tend to be more supportive (47 percent). 

People with higher a higher per capita income are also more often among the critics (63 pct), as are university graduates (53 pct). Those in the lowest earning bracket, as well as people with a basic education express more support for today's foreign policy (51 pct and 44 pct, respectively).

The right-leaning respondents see the relations with the US (62 pct) and the EU (54 pct) as the most important goals. Most left-leaning supporters (79 pct) place an improvement in relations with the EU as the top priority, but they also acknowledge the need to maintain strategic partnership with the US (43 pct).

In general, the respondents see President Andrzej Duda as the best-performing official in the area of foreign policy, (75 pct of positive replies). He is followed by PM Mateusz Morawiecki (65 pct). 

Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz is not yet "well-known", CBOS noted. Thirty-four percent of respondents cannot name Czaputowicz as Poland's representative in the international arena. Of those who do recognise him as foreign minister, half express a positive view.

CBOS ran the survey on a representative sample of 1,140 adult Poles on April 5-12, 2018.