Online purchases in Poland grow in 2021

Grzegorz Michałowski/PAP

The percentage of Poles buying online has grown by 4 percentage points in 2021 against 2020, to 77 percent of the population, a report by research and technology firm Gemius shows.

The report, entitled 'E-commerce in Poland,' revealed that out of the 77 percent of Poles who had made at least one online purchase in 2021, women dominated as well as people over 35 years of age, those with higher education and residents of large cities.

"A further year of growth in the percentage of buyers may be related to the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated limits to traditional trade," the report reads. "We asked respondents if in relation to the introduction of lockdown they had changed their consumer behaviour. It turned out that 30 percent of e-consumers buy more products on the web and 33 percent make purchases on the internet more often. For 13 percent of those surveyed, online became the channel of first choice in searching for various products."

Gemius added that respondents had said the unlimited access to internet stores was the main reason they had moved online. They also appreciated the speed and cost-effectiveness of online shopping as well as its safety, especially important during the pandemic.