One of Poland's largest megalithic cemeteries discovered

Archaeologists have discovered one of Poland’s largest megalithic cemeteries after they unearthed seven tombs dating back some 5,500 years.

The tombs were found near the village of Debiany, which lies to the west of the south-eastern town of Sandomierz.

Archaeologists working on the dig also believe there could be as many as a dozen or so tombs yet to be discovered.

"It seems that one of Poland's largest megalithic cemeteries has been discovered in Debiany," said Marcin M. Przybyla, one of the archaeologists working on the site, adding that there were plans to continue excavating.

The tombs’ walls were not built of stones, as is the case with megalithic tombs found in northern Poland, but of wooden poles.

According to archaeologists, limestone tombs were located under the burial mounds.

"Unfortunately, nearly all human remains and their belongings had been removed from the tombs when the cemetery was still in use,” PAP was told by one of the archaeologists working on the excavation site. “This was ritual behaviour, and we often encounter its results at cemeteries from the same period."