One in 10 Poles positive about relations with Germany

Archiwum Turczyk/PAP

Only one in 10 Poles believe Polish-German relations are good, a Friday-published survey by the IBRiS research institute has revealed.

Respectively, 35.9 and 15.9 percent of the respondents described relations between Warsaw and Berlin as "quite bad" and "definitely bad."

Asked about their general attitude towards Germans, 8.7 percent described it as "decidedly negative" and 8.3 percent as "rather negative." Nearly 34 percent said "rather positive,” and 18.7 percent "decidedly positive."

According to one third of Poles, Germany definitely owes Poland compensation for World War II, with 17.9 percent expressing a moderate conviction on the issue. A further one fifth responded "decidedly not" and 14.6 percent of pollees said "rather not."

IBRiS wrote that negative opinions about Poland's relations with Germany were highest among voters for the ruling United Right coalition (70 percent), with only 9 percent describing them as good.