Number of foreigners with residency permit rises to 457,000 in 2020

The number of foreign nationals with a residency permit in Poland rose by 34,000 in 2020 to reach 457,000.

"Currently, nearly 460,000 foreigners hold a valid residency permit," the Office for Foreigners (UdSC) wrote in a communiqué published on Thursday. "Last year, that number rose by a little over 34,000 people. The epidemiological situation and related travel restrictions encouraged foreigners to extend their stay in the country. This particularly affected citizens of Ukraine and Belarus, who earlier made use of the possibilities of temporary migration to a greater degree."

Of the 457,000 foreigners who held a residency document on January 1, 2021, the largest group was Ukrainians, at 244,200 and Belarusians at 28,200, the UdSC said.

In 2020, the biggest growth among foreigners settling in Poland was among Ukrainians (29,400) and Belarusians (3,200).

The majority of residency permits issued were related to work, which in 2020 applied to 76 percent of foreigners in Poland.