Number of foreigners seeking residency permits rises sharply

The number of foreigners seeking permission to stay in Poland is rising, Deputy Interior Minister Renata Szczęch announced on Wednesday. She added that Indian, Vietnamese and Chinese nationals are more frequently applying for permission to stay.

Szczęch was taking part in a conference at the Sejm (lower house) entitled, "A century of protecting work - the Chief Labour Inspectorate on the 100th anniversary of the Polish State's independence."

The deputy interior minister reported that in 2017 over 200,000 foreigners from so-called third countries (outside the EU) applied for permission to stay in Poland. They were chiefly citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova. "The number is rising," Szczęch explained. "Compared to the same period of last year, this year we have a rise of 170 percent."

She highlighted that Ukrainians dominate the figures for foreigners who want to live in Poland, but ever more frequently, Indian, Vietnamese and Chinese nationals as well as citizens of Central Asian countries are applying for permission to stay. Deputy Minister Szczęch commented that Poland is an increasingly attractive destination. "That means that we need to be prepared for many new challenges, which we haven't seen before," she observed.