Number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Poland reaches 1,414,362

Leszek Szymański/PAP

The number of Poland's confirmed coronavirus infections has grown since Wednesday by 9,436 new cases and reached 1,414,362, the Ministry of Health said on Thursday.

Another 381 people have died, bringing the death toll to 32,456.

The health ministry also reported that 16,250 people with confirmed coronavirus infection have been hospitalised, 184,369 are under quarantine, 5,922 are under sanitary-epidemiological supervision. So far, 1,155,823 people have recovered.

In all, 369,212 Poles have already been vaccinated against Covid-19, the prime minister's office reported on Twitter on Thursday morning. Poland has so far received over a million vaccination doses.

The government started a national vaccination programme on December 27, with health-service workers amongst the first to be protected against the virus.

Since the virus first hit the country in March, Poland has introduced a number of measures to counter its spread.

In December, the government announced that Poland would enter a 'national quarantine' from December 28 to January 17, the restrictions have since been extended to January 31. Hotels and ski slopes have been closed and there were some restrictions on New Year's Eve.

All shopping centres have also been closed, as have been gyms, fitness clubs and aquaparks. The closedown does not include grocery stores, book and press shops, or pharmacies. Remaining open are large free-standing furniture stores. Restaurants are only allowed takeaway or home delivery sales.