No Ukraine war if EU had listened to Poland says deputy minister


The Russian invasion of Ukraine would not have taken place if the European Union had listened to Poland and had not become excessively dependent on Russian energy, a deputy minister has claimed.

Maciej Malecki, a deputy state assets minister, made the claim on Thursday while attending a meeting of the leaders of Poland's biggest trade union, Solidarity, in the mountain resort of Zakopane.

"If the EU had followed the Polish path of freeing the Community from Russian energy dominance, today not only would we not have high prices, but there would likely have been no Russian aggression against Ukraine," Malecki said after the meeting.

Poland has been hit hard by the rising prices of energy resources, including coal, particularly after the government banned Russian coal imports in the spring.

According to Malecki, the current situation on the market is a result of the fact "that someone at the EU level, but also in Poland, had for years been making the European Union dependent on Russian energy resources."