No Polish soldiers injured Kosovo clashes


No members of Poland's Nato contingent in Kosovo were injured in violent clashes with Serbian demonstrators, the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces has reported.

Tension in northern Kosovo rose after politicians of ethnic Albanian origin were elected as mayors in the region inhabited mainly by ethnic Serbs.

As a result of the riots, several dozen Nato soldiers and 52 Serbs were injured.

KFOR, the Nato-led international peace-keeping force in Kosovo, said in a statement on Tuesday that "11 soldiers from the Italian contingent and 19 from the Hungarian contingent sustained multiple injuries" in the clashes, but added that they were not life-threatening.

Due to the dynamically-changing security situation about 100 Polish soldiers and more than 20 vehicles are involved in operations, the Operational Command said.

The Polish Military Contingent in the Republic of Kosovo is carrying out a stabilisation mission as part of KFOR.