No Polish MiGs in Ukraine says gov't spokesman


The Polish government spokesman has denied reports that Poand was sending its Soviet-era MiG fighter aircraft to Ukraine.

Reports that Poland and some other countries on Nato's eastern flank have agreed to offer Ukraine some of their MiG-29 fighter jets have spread across both social and traditional media recently.

But Piotr Mueller denied the reports in an interview with the private TV broadcaster Polsat News on Thursday.

"There are no Polish MiGs in Ukraine," Mueller said.

"I would like to reassure you, because there has been certain information that (the planes) were taking off towards Ukraine for combat from Polish airfields, I deny these reports too," he said.

Mueller said the Polish government has not taken any decision to send aircraft to Ukraine or to Ukrainian aircraft to fly combat missions from Polish airfields.

"Poland is a member of Nato, an alliance that has defensive and not offensive objectives," Mueller continued.

Poland has been replacing its fleet of aged Soviet fighters with US made jets, but the country still has some three dozen MiG-29s.