No place in govt for someone who negates its work - PiS spokesperson

Commenting on the dismissal of Agreement leader Jaroslaw Gowin from his posts within the government, Anita Czerwinska said that there can be no place for someone who negates the government's work.

"The essence of the coalition is unity. Whenever doubts arose, we were open to discussions and compromises. On such a key issue for Poland as the implementation of the Polish Deal programme, agreed and approved along with the coalition partners, we cannot give up our obligations towards those it concerns - the Polish people," said the PiS spokesperson in a comment sent to PAP.

Government spokesman Piotr Mueller announced on Tuesday that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki had asked the president to dismiss the Agreement party head, Jaroslaw Gowin, from his position of deputy prime minister and head of the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology.

"There is no place in the government for someone who negates its work. It now depends on Jaroslaw Gowin and the members of Agreement whether they will remain in the coalition and work with us for the development and good of Poles," added Czerwinska.

Following his dismissal, Gowin said that this would mean the end of the United Right coalition.