No new restrictions below 1000 infections daily, minister says

Zofia Bichniewicz/PAP

No new Covid-19 restrictions will be imposed in Poland before the average daily infection count reaches one thousand, the Polish health minister told the press on Monday.

Poland has seen the daily infection rate increase in recent weeks, with 797 new cases reported on Saturday.

"We have set an average of 1,000 infections daily as the point below which there will be no talk about restrictions," Adam Niedzielski said at a press briefing.

He stressed than vaccination was the best way to curb the spread of Covid, and keep the death figures low.

Asked if Poland could be divided into yellow, green and red infection risk zones similar to that seen during a previous lockdown, Niedzielski said the government had a zoning plan but did not intend to introduce it now. He added that should this prove necessary, one of the zoning criteria will be vaccination rates.