No major threat of monkeypox in Poland - Health Ministry

There is no threat of monkeypox spreading rapidly in Poland, the spokesman for the Ministry of Health has told PAP.

Monkeypox has usually been limited to west and central Africa, but cases of the disease have recently emerged in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Great Britain, Austria and Sweden. Its symptoms include fever, headache and a rash.

Wojciech Andrusiewicz told PAP on Monday that Polish epidemic agencies were monitoring the situation.

"I would like to reassure you that today there is no threat of a broader spread of monkeypox," the ministry spokesman said. "The disease is not in the same risk category as coronavirus."

"We're cooperating with our counterparts in Europe and in the world," Andrusiewicz said. "There are special IT systems designed to collect information on all newly-detected diseases in different parts of the world."

According to Professor Joanna Zajkowska, an infectious disease specialist at the University Hospital in Bialystok, close contact is required to become infected with monkeypox.