No infection reported among Poles evacuated from coronavirus-hit Wuhan

There is no one with any detected infections among the group of Poles evacuated from coronavirus-hit Wuhan, in the province of Hubei, central China, the commandant of the Military Clinical Hospital in Wroclaw, col. Wojciech Tanski told reporters on Sunday.

Earlier in the day, two military aircraft with 30 Poles returning from Wuhan, landed at Wroclaw airport, in the southwestern Poland. Passengers were taken to hospital for examination, observation and quarantine.

According to the airport's sanitary services there were no people with suspected infectious diseases among the passengers. They were taken to an isolated hospital ward, specially adapted for observation.

An infectious disease specialist Lt. Col. Artur Lipczynski said the condition of Poles transported from Wuhan is good and that the results of medical tests are expected within 48 hours.

Doctors from the Wroclaw military hospital told a press conference there is no threat to the residents of Wroclaw as the Wuhan evacuees were staying in a well isolated and monitored ward.

Over 17,000 Chinese have fallen ill and close to 360 have died due to the coronavirus, which causes pneumonia. Cases have also been discovered in over a dozen countries, including Germany, France, Finland, the US, Canada, Russia and Great Britain. A dozen or so people with suspected coronavirus have been admitted to hospital in Poland and over 500 were under observation by its health services.