No formal procedure against Poland over Supreme Court law

The European Commission (EC) has not made a formal decision to launch the EU law infringement procedure against Poland over the country's Supreme Court reform, EC President Jean-Claude Juncker said after an EU summit in Brussels on Friday.

Dialogue with Poland is continuing, the EC president added.

European Commission (EC) Vice-President Frans Timmermans said in the European Parliament (EP) on Thursday that urgent action is needed over Polish Supreme Court judges who under new legislation are to retire on Tuesday.

Speaking at a meeting of the EP's legal affairs committee during a discussion on the rule of law in Poland, Timmermans reiterated the EC's stance that the rule of law was still under threat in the country.

In accordance with Poland's law on the Supreme Court, which came into effect on April 3, Supreme Court judges who reached a new, lowered retirement age and have not applied to extend their service are set to retire. The EC is against such a regulation, stressing that judges cannot be dismissed.