No flight cancellations as yet, says Polish aviation authority

Michał Zieliński/PAP

The Eurocontrol aviation safety agency has not yet decided on cancelling flights to and from Poland, and all flights should be unaffected after May 1, Poland's Civil Aviation Authority (ULC) said on Friday.

After talks with the Polish Air Controllers Services Agency (PAZP) earlier on Friday, Eurontrol said that the Polish civil aviation authorities will begin cancelling flights from May 1 if a dispute over working conditions and wages between air traffic controller unions and aviation authorities finds no prompt resolution.

But later on Friday the ULC said Eurocontrol had not yet activated any cancellation procedures, and that flights to and from Poland should continue unhindered after May 1.

The authority added that mild disturbances in flight schedules may be felt at Warsaw's Chopin and Modlin airports.

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