No coronavirus found in 30 Poles evacuated from Wuhan - health min

None of the examined samples taken from the Poles evacuated from Wuhan in China on Sunday proved positive for the coronavirus, Poland's Deputy Health Minister Waldemar Kraska told a Friday press conference, after two tests had been run.

He added that all these people feel very well and that none of them are showing signs of infection.

A group of 30 Poles, flown over on two military planes from coronavirus-hit Wuhan to the southwestern Polish city of Wroclaw on Sunday night, were taken to the local Military Clinical Hospital for examination, observation and quarantine.

The first tests showed that none of the examined samples proved positive for the presence of the coronavirus. The tests were repeated on Thursday with the same results, Kraska said.

He added that 10 people at risk of carrying coronavirus were under observation in hospitals, 13 people were quarantined and 1,068 were being monitored by sanitary services. He also said that all services were on high alert.

The chief of the National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene Grzegorz Juszczyk, also present at the conference, said that so far 87 samples from patients who may have been infected have been checked and no presence of the coronavirus has been detected.

Over 31,000 Chinese have fallen ill and close to 636 have died due to the coronavirus, which causes pneumonia. Cases have also been discovered in over a dozen countries, including Germany, France, Finland, the US, Canada, Russia and Great Britain.