No classified data in army info leak, security head says

Wojtek Jargiło/PAP

The leak of Polish military data was unfortunate, but did not contain any classified information about the combat readiness of the Polish Armed Forces, a senior security official said on Monday.

Pawel Soloch, head of the Polish government's National Security Bureau (BBN), appeared to be playing down the significance of the data leak.

On Friday, the website published an article on the leak from the Polish Army's database, which concerned some 1.7 million items of equipment.

"It is unfortunate that there was leak of Polish Armed Forces data, but this quite certainly is not a leak of classified information about our (military - PAP) units' combat readiness or equipment," Soloch told Polish Radio. "According to our knowledge, it was unclassified data from the Support Inspectorate, and did not concern the equipment used in (military - PAP) formations, our munitions stocks or the condition of our equipment."

Onet had reported that some of the information was ext`remely valuable to foreign intelligence.

"According to our informant, a cyber-security specialist, the database has been downloaded by users from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China," Onet wrote. "We have unofficially confirmed the leak from two independent sources connected with the special services. The army is currently seeking the culprits and estimating the losses."

The leaked data included information on equipment purchased by Poland in the United States, Germany and Israel, the website said.

Onet wrote that the leak likely originated from the army's logistics planning unit in Bydgoszcz, north-central Poland.

The Defence Ministry said on Friday that the leak posed no threat to national security and that the index revealed contained only generally available information. The ministry said that "the publication of the index did not occur as the result of a security breach in Polish Army telecommunications systems."

The ministry said the leaked data concerned only part of the Unified Material Index run by the Support Inspectorate, a unit responsible for purchases by the Polish Army.

The ministry also stated initial indications were that the leak had taken place because a staff member of the Support Inspectorate had failed to carry out their duties. It added the possibility than an employee had made a file available to an unauthorised server was being investigated by the Military Police.