Ninety-three percent of Poles use mobile network - survey

According to a survey by the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE), 93.1 percent of Poles are connected to the mobile network, while the number of respondents having smartphones is 65.6 percent, with over 90 percentage of smartphone users being under the age of 44.

According to UKE, traditional mobile phones are used by nearly one third of Poles, the majority of whom are people over the age of 60.

The most popular subscription among Poles (65.5 percent of users) is by monthly contract. Much less popular are prepaid phones, used by three out of every ten people. The majority of those surveyed (29.3 percent) pay a monthly bill of between PLN 50 (EUR 11) and PLN 59 (EUR 13). Around 25.6 percent of respondents pay from PLN 30 (EUR 7) to PLN 39 (EUR 9), the report stated.

The research shows that 72.7 percent of Poles have internet access. Some 90.7 percent of internet users connect to the network via their mobile device, 66.7 percent of them use a stationary device for this purpose and 22.7 percent of them use mobile devices other than their phone.

The average monthly cost of a mobile internet service is PLN 44.8 (EUR 10). Almost four out of ten respondents spend an average of PLN 40-49 (EUR 9.3-11) per month on internet connection, while a quarter of those surveyed spend over PLN 60 (EUR 13.9) per month.

UKE conducted the survey between November and December 2018 on a representative sample of 1,600 respondents.