New WWII computer game is propelled into Global Bestseller’s top five

Plane Mechanic Simulator takes players back to an RAF base during WWII in the role of a ground crew technician working on some of the planes that helped win the war. Movie Games

A new computer game which made its debut last week has rocketed into fifth place on the Global Bestseller list and seen the company’s share price grow by 6.4 percent.

Plane Mechanic Simulator, from Warsaw company Movie Games, is set in England in 1940 and puts the player in the role of an RAF ground crew technician at the start of the Battle of Britain.

According to the company’s website: “The Luftwaffe is preparing for the invasion of Britain and the RAF need every man to stop it. They need you.

Ground crew technicians work on and repair three legendary British aircraft, the Supermarine Spitfire Mk.1, the De Havilland Tiger Moth and the De Havilland Mosquito.Movie Games

“Join the ground crews as they struggle to keep the aircraft flying. Repair engine, patch bullet holes, rearm machine guns and more.”

Making its debut on February 13th on the influential online community Steam, the game quickly soared up the popularity charts.

Now the company has reported that it has already covered its production costs.

There will be a number of different tasks available to complete ranging from simple refueling to the more challenging engine repairs and gun harmonization, in total there are almost 800 parts to tinker with.Movie Games

The studio said: “(...) according to sales data received from Valve Corporation (Steam platform), the sale of the game Plane Mechanic Simulator in the PC version, which premiered on February 13, 2019 (at 19:00) reached the level, which according to the issuer's calculations, covered the production costs of the game.”

Mateusz Wcześniak, president and co-creator of Movie Games, added: “Faced with the huge interest of the market in the genre of simulators, Plane Mechanic Simulator perfectly fits into the expectations of the fan community.

“The high quality, precise reproduction of real aircraft, various mechanics - all these factors have kept the players entertained for hours, and consequently appreciated our production, which is confirmed by the high ratings on the Steam platform, favorable comments from customers and praise from the YouTubers and the media.”

Mateusz Wcześniak, president and co-creator of Movie Games said that since making its debut on February 13th on the influential online community Steam, the game had quickly soared up the popularity charts and that it had already covered its production costs.Mateusz Wcześniak/Facebook

Movie Games is an affiliate of PlayWay Studio and was founded in 2016 by Wcześniak and Aleksy Uchański.

On December 18, the company debuted on NewConnect. Currently, it employs dozens of people who work on over a dozen productions.

Last year's statements show that in the first three months of 2019 there will be as many as six new games on the market.As well as repair aircraft, the game also has a unique campaign that will see players assigned to a squadron to take care of a particular plane to make sure the pilot returns. Movie Games is an affiliate of PlayWay Studio and was founded in 2016.Movie Games

Another four are expected in the next three quarters.

According to market intelligence group Newzoo Poland’s computer and video games market is now worth nearly USD 550 million.

The analytical group also reported that Poland is second in the world when it comes to popularity of PC gaming with 98% of its 13.4 million gamers playing on this screen.