New news website launches in Poland

Polska Press, which was taken over by the state-owned fuels group PKN Orlen last year, has launched a new internet news website.

Dorota Kania, editor-in-chief of Polska Press, said the website,, will present exclusive content and information both nationally and regionally.

"The portal is the result of many months' work by a team of specialists," she told PAP. "The portal is a conglomerate of nationwide and regional content; news from the world, exclusive material."

Kania went on to say that from the moment she took over the helm of Polska Press, she was sure a new modern web service was needed, different from those already available online. She said the regional content was key. "We have fantastic chief editors there, very good teams, and thanks to that strong support we can build the new portal," she said.

Opposition parties criticised Orlen's takeover of Polska Press last year, arguing that it could increase the government's control and influence over the media in Poland, something the government has denied.