New national security strategy within a month - security bureau

A new national security strategy should be ready for signing by the president within a month, National Security Bureau (BBN) head Pawel Soloch said on Tuesday at the 1st Maritime Security Congress in Gdynia, northern Poland.

Soloch said the new strategy also foresaw measures aimed at raising Poland's maritime security. In this context he reminded that the Polish seacoast was already equipped with new energy installations, including an LNG terminal and gas and oil pipelines, and mentioned plans to build offshore wind farms.

Deputy Defence Minister Pawel Wozny pointed to threats from Russia. He especially mentioned the recent increase in Russian patrol flights over Europe and European territorial waters, and said that Russian military aircraft have frequently endangered civilian air traffic.

Wozny said these moves were aimed to destabilise the region, and warned that Russia was currently enlarging its Baltic and northern naval fleets.

The 1st Maritime Security Congress was hosted by BBN and the Polish Naval Academy to mark the centenary of Poland's 1920 "Marriage to the Sea" ceremony in which Poland as an independent state officially reclaimed its seacoast.